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Description. HODL is a term that was spelled unintended but now it is being used intentionally. Yes, it is just a misspelling of the word HOLD, meaning to keep.

Bitcoin has seen a flood of interest over the past few days, as newcomers buy in and the cryptocurrency reaches new heights. Communities have.

HODL is een veelgebruikte term in de Crypto wereld. Maar wat.

De HODL betekenis is in feite Hold.

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10/04/2018  · Bitcoin’s bumpy ride in recent months may have cost it the Hold On for Dear Life (HODL) meme. The phrase, which at first was a forum typo by a.

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HODL is also know in the crypto trading community as BUY and HODL with the HODL meaning to buy bitcoin and then Hold On for Dear Life through the price.

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25/06/2019  · HODL  began as a typo for the word "hold" on a forum, and the crypto community found it so amusing that they know use "HODL" as a term to denote holding (rather than selling) one’s.

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